ISLAND OF CATS by Anne; Illus. Christine Sapieha Fremantle


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Anne Fremantle has had many successful adult books and Christine Sapieha's work as Art Director for Reporter makes that magazine handsome to look at. Unfortunately their combined efforts misfire here. The overlong story concerns Walter, , and his cat Hodge who live in Papeete. His most important patient, King Pomare of Tahiti, pays for his gold fillings by giving Walter an island. When Walter and Hodge spend a night there, they are attacked by the rats infesting it. Walter returned to Papeete and advertised for cats. Starting with one thousand and three rats, the island rat population was soon decimated while the cats produced four thousand and twelve kittens. The cats then took to eating each other until there were only 19. A cat council was led by Hodge who suggested they fish. ""Today... Anyone who goes to the island can see fisher cats stretched on the shores of every agoon..."" There are no clearly defined characters and the small, belated point seems like an afterthought. The illustrations are crowded with people, cats and rats drawn in outline making it difficult for the eye to fasten on anything.

Pub Date: May 23rd, 1964
Publisher: Obolensky