WILD RIVER by Anne Louise Strong


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Stepan Bogdanov was one of the wild boys of revolutionary Russia. This is the story of his remaking, and it is a fascinating picture of the new Russia. Stepan had the qualities of leadership, but was misusing his gifts, and being a leader of destruction rather than construction. The faith of one man saved him -- gave him a challenge and an opportunity -- and, from serving in a gang of prisoners on the drilling of the site for the Dnieper Dam, he became, ultimately, leader and director. Paralleling his story is the story of the Red Dawn Farm and of the girl he loved. With the approach of the Nasis, the family is broken, -- she going to comparative safety with the children, he staying as a guerilla fighter behind the enemy lines. That is another story. The story as it stands is symbolic of the making of new Russia.

Pub Date: Nov. 12th, 1943
Publisher: Little, Brown