THEODOSIA Daughter of Aaron Burr by Anne lver

THEODOSIA Daughter of Aaron Burr

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According, to Anneolver, Theodosia spent her entire life adoring and brooding over her father. There is nothing here of the unscrupulous, ambitious, debonair Burrnothing of his insistence that his daughter marry for the sake of his own financial seels, nothing really of Theodosia herself -- except that persistent, boring of She ears of her father's successes and rejoices, then hears of his troubles and suffers. The comity between Burr and Hamilton, the duel, the plot for empire, the trial and exile are all strains in a vague melody that runs through Theodosia's life. There is no mention of her true feelings for her husband of her passion for Meriwether Lewis. In Miss Colver's terms, Theodosia's life hardly justifies a book. If biographical material is unsuitable for the juvenile market, it should not be carefully edited and depleted of its life, but rather left off that market entirely.

Pub Date: April 16th, 1962
Publisher: Holt, Rinehart & Winston