DRAGONSINGER by Anne McCaffrey


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Further adventures on the planet Pern, for those who followed talented Menolly through last year's Dragonsong--from her native hold where (being a girl) she's not allowed to harp, to a cave where she ""Impresses"" nine hatchling fire lizards, and at last to the Harper Craft Hall where everyone is awed by her command of the little winged creatures. And where, in this sequel, she wins over even the most dour of the Masters with her astounding musical talent (though the lyrics quoted here are dreadful). In fact, before a sevenday has passed she ""walks the tables"" from apprentice to journeyman, and the only sour note comes from the jealous girls in her cot--the leader of whom is expelled after a run-in with our heroine. Picture The New Girl at School on a fantastic, feudal planet and you've got it. . . . But there's sure to be more, as the Masterharper keeps expressing his faith in the future importance to Pern of the fire lizards who seem, so far, to be just cute pets. And, so far, this is overreaching and trivial at once.

Pub Date: March 9th, 1977
Publisher: Atheneum