THE LORIMER LINE by Anne Melville
Kirkus Star


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An attractively corpulent Victorian family tale featuring a bit of mystery, clean, clean, clean romance, and a spunky lady who wants to kick through the brocade curtain and become a doctor. John Junius Lorimer, of the English shipping/banking Lorimers, presides over a sizable family fortune, as well as one avaricious son, another who impregnates a French servant and takes holy orders in penance--and Margaret, who wearies of being simply a rich man's daughter. But then David, a Lorimer bank accountant, comes into her life. Surprisingly, John Junius consents to the marriage. The reasons will become clear after the loss of the Lorimer fortune--which David suspected might happen. More troubles cluster for Margaret, as her father commits suicide, there's a scandal about missing rubies, and David and Margaret part forever after a tragic misunderstanding. But such rigors bring her the courage to follow that dream, she becomes a proper doctor, and, in spite of delays having to do with her father's past muddling, she marries--only to be left a widow with a new son, and an adopted daughter (the child of a lovely Italian singer and Guess Who). By an alias-hidden pro, overstuffed but verrry comfortable.

Pub Date: Sept. 23rd, 1977
Publisher: Doubleday