THE UNKNOWN PATH by Anne Meradith


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A less overtly romantic story than The Rich Woman or more recently The Sisters, this is still a reasonably sustained narrative of Oliver Youngman, placidly married, and the ""unknown path"" which led down a back street to Lily Brown. Maintaining for many years a comfortable course between his public position as the owner of Youngman's Drapery Emporium and the pater families of three girls, and privately his affair with Lily, pert, pretty and self affacing. Oliver is finally forced to reveal the relationship when Lily is murdered by his half crossed brother-in-law. Facing the vindictiveness of his wife, who would see him hang for a crime he did not commit. Oliver is finally freed and with his youngest girl sets out for a new life in America... Women's wear, to which the Victorian period details land a certain style.

Pub Date: March 27th, 1950
Publisher: Random House