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THE SISTERS by Anne Meredith



Pub Date: March 21st, 1949
Publisher: Random House

More intently romantic than last year's The Rich Woman, this is again a story of Victorian England, substantially detailed in its backdrop- the rigidity and prudery of those days, the occasional challenge- moral and political- of those who would not conform to the conservatism that was England. In the story of two sisters, daughters of a village clergyman, it is Janet, the elder, homely, plain, who was always to be passed over in favor of Cassie- whose beauty was exceptional. But Cassie, compromising her chances to marry well, goes to the continent where she lives as a courtesan, while Janet, by chance, is able to marry attractive, crusading John Hardwick. With love on her side, only companionship on his, Janet devotes herself to John's career, abnegates herself willingly, idolatrously. But John, meeting Cassie, falls in love with her and Janet in her pride which will allow no public loss of face, exacts a final, fatal revenge... For women, for rent and some sales, this is a holding drama of personal passions.