ANGELS FELL by Anne Miller Downes


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So Stands the was a substantial renter and seller. This may do likewise, though somehow it seems to fall short. It is a holding story, but, when all is said and ne, it has been written before. It is a modern Keeping up with Lizzie, -- the story of Ire, who was ambitious in fields outside her young husband's interests, and-who played on his love for her and the children she bore him, to force him to a success which never satisfied her, and which left him stripped of what was life to him. While Steve and Irene are the central characters, it is May, the ""lame girl"" in the bookshop, and , whose past was a mystery, but who never forgot that she had played on the stage, even on her deathbed, and Uncle Matt, who always understood -- these are the real people in the book, while Irene plays with fire, in burned at the flame-- and loses.

Pub Date: Sept. 24th, 1941
Publisher: Stokes