NO PARADE FOR MRS. GREENIA by Anne Miller Downes


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Six year old Alec Trumbull- whose story this is- is resentful and disappointed when Mrs. Greenia, a neighbor, dies in childbirth and there is no large funeral, no ""parade"" for her. In his young mind he begins to sense the differences between the rich and the poor, between his aunt, the Pollards and the Greenias and the people who live on Tracy Street. Alec is himself an orphan, grandson of a great portrait painter, and he lives with his Aunt Marcy who adopts the motherless Greenia baby. Although their material wealth is meager, he grows to realize the great richness of spirit they possess, and as his artistic talent matures he comes to know that this is what he wants to capture on canvas- the warm generosity of Aunt Marcy, the charming effervescence of his beloved Julia, who life ends in tragedy, and the indomitable Miss Topping, who recognized the talent of a great artist even in the young boy. Unfortunately, the book is marred by oversentimentality:- the preciousness of the young Alec is too good to be true and Aunt Marcy's charitableness becomes cloying. A likable book, if one can overlook these aspects of the writing.

Pub Date: June 13th, 1962
Publisher: Lippincott