LOOK AT A FLOWER by Anne Ophelia T. Dowden
Kirkus Star


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Here's a corrective to the kind of book that makes of botany a lot of dry reading about dried plants. Well organized and well illustrated by an author who is expert in the subject and at the easel, the book is as good for reference as it is for reading at this level. Short sections introduce the idea behind the classification of plants and their general structure. Pollination, flower parts and plant families are given the lengthiest attention. The pictured flowers and plants are plentiful and come at the places in the text where they are needed most. Color has been used to emphasize the various parts and kinds of plants discussed. Everything is labelled and cross sections and full drawings are generous. The text could stand as a model for teaching. The interest of all reasonable people is assumed and reader intelligence is both expected and respected. An index of plants referred to in the illustrations and the text is provided and gives both the common and Latin names of the plants.

Pub Date: Sept. 16th, 1963
Publisher: Crowell