GOLDEN WEDDING by Anne Parrish
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This is a richer book in its implications than Sea Level or its immediate predecessors. The market should be somewhat that of Margaret Ayer Barnes' Edna His Wife, for here too is the story of a wife who couldn't measure her pace to her husband's, though for different reasons. Taken from the angle of the effect of worldly and business success on a human being whose childhood built wrong defences, wrong standards, and of the results in his marriage and his offspring, this is a very interesting psychological study, and a good story as well. The first two-thirds of the book hold up exceedingly well; the gradual disintegration of a personality, while outwardly progressing to higher planes, the impact of two codes, each seen by the other out of focus, is exceedingly well done. One feels that the telescoping of subsequent generations with their tragic failures spins the reel too fast. But all in all, it is a good job -- easy selling, easy renting.

Publisher: Harper