A CLOUDED STAR by Anne Parrish
Kirkus Star


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In new vein, Anne Parrish has told a story out of the days of the Underground Railroad, a story of the heroic Moses of her people, Harriet Tubman, who returned again and again to take out groups of terrified slaves who'd dared for a moment, but who would have died- or been retaken- except for her valor and inspiration. A new angle on ""Let My People Go"", as through the story of an old Negro come back to see the white girl who'd given him the impulse to escape, we follow the adventures of one small band. From various plantations in Maryland, by tortuous route to Delaware, to Philadelphia, New York, finally to safety in Canada, these frightened men and women and children made their way by night, often half starved, half clothed, half frozen- kept going sometimes by threats, sometimes by love in the guidance of ""Moses"". The story is told in rhythmic prose that holds the cadences of a saga. Occasionally it seems artificial, but the end result is impressive, the progress holding.

Publisher: Harper