THE NINTH CAR by Anne Reed & James P. White Rooth


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Wall Street financier Stephen Rowe is in deep trouble. His company is about to go down the tube because his millionaire partner made a disastrous investment behind his back. Suddenly Rowe is told by a Swiss bank that he and three Europeans stand to inherit a fabulous income from gold bars which their fathers, all Nazis, had smuggled out of Germany in the ninth car of a train. Rowe flies to West Germany and meets his fellow inheritors: the beautiful M.J.; a fancy but under-financed baron; and Fritz, a smalltime bookkeeper. To have the gold released to them, they must all be on Swiss soil together, and Fritz must give the bank a password. But this isn't the real Fritz, it's an impostor! Fritz is in East Berlin and must be smuggled out. Meanwhile, Stephen fails for M.J., and new forces enter the picture-ODESSA (familiar from previous Nazi-thons) and Israeli intelligence, both of whom feel the loot belongs rightfully to them. A miniLudlum, neatly conceived and well-paced, but not much more.

Pub Date: Nov. 9th, 1978
Publisher: Putnam