THE LAY ANALYST by Anne Richter


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Racking up venereal mileage,"" this is one of those grossly vulgar shticks (a little like Joyce Elbert only she's funnier) which processes the experiences, before and after, of a therapy group conducted by lay analyst Ralph Vane who has all the answers. Actually only one, applied sex. But he has the worst problem of all which makes sex difficult to apply. There's Martha, a lawyer, thirty and inexperienced; Renata, a fat housewife with a truant husband; Martin Eastman, a degenerate plastic surgeon; the beautiful Elisabeth; Rosemary who passes as white; Robert, a homosexual. . . . Vane has to perform in the dark which is probably the best way to read a book like this.

Pub Date: Oct. 28th, 1971
Publisher: Richard W. Baron