GIFT FOR A GIFT by Anne Rockwell


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In a minor but pleasantly paced and worded folktype tale, a simple grasscutter becomes an unsuspecting matchmaker when -- at a loss as to how to spend his savings -- he sends an anonymous gift, via the local merchant, to a beautiful princess he has never seen. When she responds with a white horse the grasscutter can't use, he sends that anonymously to a brave prince. Though the merchant at last drops the grasscutter from the chain, the prince and princess continue to exchange gifts of increasing value and magnificence, until at last (unaware of the old man's role) they meet and marry -- while the merchant and grasscutter laugh together and wish them happiness. Anne Rockwell gives her neat, framed watercolors a static, mock formal Persian look, but replaces the richly detailed patterns of the Near Eastern style with a bright, clear simplicity and exaggerated facial expressions which leave no doubt that it's all in fun.

Pub Date: Feb. 15th, 1974
Publisher: Parents' Magazine Press