WHEN WE GROW UP by Anne Rockwell


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An appealing presentation of the individual career goals of the 14 small children in Mr. Raymond's class. First seen together in the classroom, busy at their varied tasks, the children are then shown one by one, across from their full-page visions of themselves at work in the future. The ambitions are not unusual: Elizabeth wants to be a photographer, Edmund a veterinarian, Christine a clown, and so on. There are some anti-stereotypes: ""Emily wants to be an astronaut and walk upon the moon ""Nancy wants to be a plumber and fix water pipes when they leak."" In an engaging finale, the little boy who's been telling this says, ""What about me? I want to be a teacher like Mr. Raymond because he is so nice."" Rockwell's cheerful pictures of an artist's studio, jet plane, barber shop, and other work places make all the occupations look as agreeable as her perky children.

Pub Date: April 14th, 1981
Publisher: Dutton