SECRET OF THE ROUND TOWER by Anne Sinclair Williams


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Gargoyles galore. ""The de Vrillacs have always spoiled their beasts outrageously,"" so the Sire of Chateauroc watches Melisande's pure white ""foal"" with just a few doubts. First met among trumpeting lilies and mumbling moss. Champion has unique qualities; he is greeted by bows from all the chateau animals, has cravings for truffles and walnuts, loves looking in a mirror. Hiding him in the new tower, Papa and Maman agree to call in Elvine the white witch for a consultation, and she administers unicornity tests on Midsummer Eve. Champion passes with honors, later starts to sprout a white growth in the middle of his forehead. (It's in the family Oncle Geoffroi saw one once and their prize is the local genus rather than Unicetnis Artus.) Melisande and brother Galpin, in between fencing and falconry lessons, consider filing down the protuberance but the word is out; they decide to free him rather than give him over to the king. In their medieval Frenchified locale, the youngsters are tres corny and Champion sounds more like the Chinese Ki-Lin than the European variety; further, he defies all tradition by submitting to capture and domesticity with no protest movement. An unilluminating manuscript.

Pub Date: Aug. 15th, 1968
Publisher: Random House