THE WEATHERCOCK by Anne Stanford


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Miss Stanford's fourth book, and her first new collection of poems in fifteen years, is grave, calm, and mystical in tone. In this poetry, language and rhythm have a dreamy, hypnotic power. Kings and phoenix burn in pellucid light; the reflection of dawn in a window-pane is an eternal vision; and all objects are obscura, mysterious, and alive. This shadow-land has little to do with logic or real objects; its substance and subject is emotional exaltation, which the verse-forms, style and choice of words sustain by a consistent quietness and a focussing upon insubstantial feelings. There is poetic skill, and a soothing sense of unknown powers in these Poems, but they are also often baffling in meaning, more like music than something made of Words and ideas. However, as poetry intended to be purely beautiful, they are appealing.

Pub Date: April 15th, 1966
Publisher: Viking