LOST WORLDS: Adventures in Archaeology by Anne Terry White
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LOST WORLDS: Adventures in Archaeology

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A writer who knows whereof she writes, for Anne Terry White is herself a trained archaeologist, and has the faculty of sharing her enthusiasm. Here are the hero archaeologists on four continents; here are some of the best stories in the dossier; here we follow the unravelling of mysteries, ages old, as Minos' labyrinth, the Tower of Babel, Troy, Nineveh, Babylon, Egypt of the Pharoahs, Assyria, the lost civilization of the Majas, all come to light. Very good reading; good biography, good adventure. Schilemann, Evans, Petric, Carnavon, Carter, Botta, Layard, Thompson- here they are, with the contributions they made to world history. A beautiful book. Could tie in (libraries and schools please note) with Ann Axtell Morris' Digging in Yucaton and Digging in the Southwest.

Pub Date: Aug. 6th, 1941
Publisher: Random House