APPLE PIE by Anne Wellington


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That enormous juicy apple is growing much too high. However will I pick it to put it in a pie?"" So Mr. Bingle adopts one after another silly suggestion--a flower pot on top of the kitchen stool, a rabbit hutch on top of the flower pot, etc.--until the silliest of all, little brown mouse's tip to switch the stool from bottom to top, catapults Mr. Bingle from his perch and jars the apple from the tree. Now he can bake a pie big enough for the lot of them--to which one is tempted to add ""tra-la!"" It's all good-humored but not quite nonsensical enough to tickle any but the most easily amused--one of those books that seems more pleased with itself than it has any reason to be. (In the pictures, everyone is always taking a bow.)

Pub Date: March 12th, 1979
Publisher: Prentice-Hall