JOHN MOSBY -- Rebel Raider of the Civil War by Anne Welsh Guy

JOHN MOSBY -- Rebel Raider of the Civil War

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John Mosby was one of the earliest partisan leaders. At the beginning of the Civil War he served in the Virginia Cavalry led by Jeb Stuart, and in 1863 he was permitted to lead a small squadron of his own to harass the Union Armies, which they caught off guard in frequent raids. Mosby's men caused great damage to their opponents around the Potomac, capturing prisoners, horses, ammunition, and even General Stoughton. The Colonel's daring exploits provide energetic reading for boys. It is unfortunate, however, that his cause is portrayed so enthusiastically. Mosby, like his associates, epitomizes the gentleman and soldier type. There is a good deal of emphasis on the atrocities and cowardliness of the armies of the North. Mosby's sneak attacks, however, are shown in a more gallant light. The format is a good one for young readers. The text is quite readable, except for some inappropriate fictionalization.

Pub Date: April 27th, 1965
Publisher: Abelard-Schuman