RUN, SARA, RUN by Anne Worboys


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Sara Tindall, an aspiring actress with ""perfect bone structure and a blue flash of a smile,"" is haunted by calamity. Her parents died in a fire at their summer cottage, her fiancÉ Guy apparently committed suicide (leaving her pregnant, with daughter Primrose), and for years she has been harassed by a series of vindictive anonymous letters (sent to her friends, relatives, and colleagues). And now--as Sara nears matrimony with rich, handsome Max Ritchie, plus an immensely successful West End acting debut--the reader is introduced to Sara's (unnamed) frenzied tormentor. What should poor Sara do when Max disappears on her opening night? How can she protect little Primrose? Should she entrust her to her not-so-loving brother Eliott--or to the late Guy's twin brother James (who loved Sara but now blames her for Guy's death)? Before this gets settled, Primrose is indeed kidnapped--and the psychopath fully intends to drown both Max (held captive in a cellar) and the baby. Finally, however, Max escapes, Primrose is saved, the show goes on, and the villain's identity is revealed--to no great astonishment. Another workmanlike gothic from the author of The Barrancourt Destiny and others--only for those who don't mind a heroine with trembling limbs. . . and every other fluttery romance-suspense clichÉ in the repertoire.

Pub Date: April 1st, 1981
Publisher: Scribners