THE FARMER AND THE MOON by Anneliese Lussert


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Imported from Switzerland, a lushly illustrated version of the familiar tale of a rich farmer (Luke) who tries to become even richer at the expense of his humble neighbor (Mark), only to have the neighbor, through a combination of his own good will and a bit of magic, come out ahead. In this case, after Luke tricks Mark out of the money it took him years to save, he puts him off with a tall tale about collecting gold by catching the moon's reflection in a mirror he gives him. To the surprise of both, this works. Mark is deservedly rich; but when Luke tries to duplicate his success, clouds cover the moon and, in a fury, Luke shatters the mirror. Bell's translation of this time-honored tale reads smoothly, but it is the illustrations, with their bold, dramatic use of color, which distinguish this edition. Rich, bright tones glow from the background on every page--an unexpected pink and red sky, a moonlit night in blacks and blues; details are scratched or added in bright white, lemon, luminous green. With such pleasant details as a stork nesting on Mark's roof and other animals tucked away on almost every page, and the stolidly humorous characterization of the protagonists, they are a pleasure to behold.

Pub Date: March 1st, 1987
Publisher: North-South--dist. by Henry Holt