DESIREE by Annemari Selinko
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Previously reported on August 15th, this has now received added impetus as a Literary Guild selection. Already a best seller in Europe, here is a fresh and new panel in the Napoleonic saga through what purports to be the diary of Napoleon's first sweetheart, Eugenie Desires Clary, daughter of a Marseilles silk merchant, and to the end of his life a recurrent influence at vital crises in his meteoric career. Through her eyes one sees him a penniless Corsican rising to a life that found a more advantageous alliance with Josephine. Following Desires on the path of her marriage to one of Napoleon's Marshalls, along the inside track of court life, there is the sense of her ardour and loyalty and through the author's skill, of the very atmosphere of the times.

Pub Date: Dec. 14th, 1952
ISBN: 156849548X
Publisher: Morrow