THE LUCKY YAK by Annetta Lawson


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A yak who has everything learns to appreciate his lot with the help of a trendy shrink, who happens to be a puffin. This begins way back with little Edward Yak's parents' immigration; takes Edward through school, early success with a restaurant chain, and idle early retirement; and ends with a rest cure in reverse: a weekend baby-sitting little Muffin Puffin, who is so full of energy, mischief, aggression, and sheer orneriness that the yak is delighted to return to his quiet life. There is some style to Lawson's telling and more to Say's fineline drawings, though the story hasn't the form or human home-truth of its traditional parallel, It Could Be Worse.

Pub Date: Sept. 29th, 1980
Publisher: Houghton Mifflin