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MURDER by Annette Meyers


The Musical

by Annette Meyers

Pub Date: Sept. 1st, 1993
ISBN: 0-385-42592-9
Publisher: Doubleday

 Former Broadway dancer Leslie Wetzon, now a Wall Street executive headhunter, accompanies her best friend Carlos, a campy, gay choreographer, to a rehearsal of his new show--and discovers the dead body of Dilla, the much-disliked production assistant, draped over the balcony. Dilla's current lover, Susan, asks Leslie to find ``Killa Dilla's'' killer, but two more will die--one while the show's on the road in Boston, the other back in New York-- before Leslie can collapse in the arms of her cop boyfriend Silvestri, having found a millionaire backer for the show, watched while her business partner--the homophobic Xenia Smith--came to terms with her son's homosexuality, and, with the help of a trendy counselor, resolved her feelings about being shot last year (Blood on the Street), and the memories it triggered about her parents' deaths when she was a kid. Whew. A glib and superficial fifth outing, rife with theatrical stalwarts (the greedy producer/the washed-out writer/the ambitious gofer), but, for once, Meyers's glitz and name-dropping suit her subject. Better-than-usual for the series.