BARBAPAPA'S VOYAGE by Annette & Talus Taylor Tison


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Barbapapa is a formless pink blob born in Francois' garden, and the voyage becomes a tour of the world and beyond as Francois and friend Cindy on a tandem bike, with Barbapapa in a sort of closed kiosk on wheels, set off to find him a Barbamama. About all that happens as they wander from London to India to New York to a farm to the other planets is that the versatile Barbapapa changes his usually pearish shape (to a six-tentacled dancer, a parachute, a kidney-shaped boat) as the occasion demands. But they're no sooner home than a Barbamama (she's a formless black blob) sprouts in the garden, which makes the whole trip unnecessary for rovers and readers alike. Anyway before you know it there are seven Barbababies, each inexplicably a different rainbow color -- but why worry about genetic sense when there's neither rhyme nor reason to any of it?

Pub Date: Aug. 14th, 1972
Publisher: World