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MEOW! THE TRUTH ABOUT CATS by Annette Whipple Kirkus Star


by Annette Whipple

Pub Date: Nov. 1st, 2022
ISBN: 978-1-4788-7957-2
Publisher: Reycraft Books

Whether readers are owned by a cat or not, they are probably as curious about them as they are about what’s in that box.

Following in the format (and what took so long to get to cats?) of her previous titles, Scurry! The Truth About Spiders (2021), Woof! The Truth About Dogs (2021), and Ribbit! The Truth About Frogs (2022), Whipple addresses questions about our feline friends. Each double-page spread focuses on a question about cats or cat behavior: “What good are whiskers?” “Why do cats puff their tails?” “How do cats show they care?” Arresting and attractive (and sometimes funny) full-bleed and spot photos provide the backdrop for the answers to each question. Each spread also includes a cartoon kitty illustration with a related factoid (and usually a cat pun) in the “Kitty Corner.” Young readers will learn about cat communication, a few common breed names, Hemingway’s polydactyl cats, and the different patterns of feline fur. At the close, there is a behavioral experiment (are cats left- or right-pawed?), a short glossary, and a few websites to search for further information. The only thing missing is a sources list. Feline fans drawn in by the ultra-close-up kitty on the cover will not be disappointed.

All your kitty questions answered, beautifully.

(Nonfiction. 4-10)