WIPED OUT by Anonymous Investor


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A horror tale for investors, this cheery recital of the details of complete ruin in the stock market will entertain, as it scares the small investor silly. Seems that our young investor managed not only to run through an inherited $70,000 but was completely ""wiped out."" However--and this is why the tale is so much fun--the route was the steady, respectable one of dealing with responsible brokers from established houses, and the stocks were usually listed on the big board. Small and large investors will recognize the novice's initial visit to the broker, learning charting, the chimeras of short spurts and massive rises. But then came Brunswick, and the monumental plummet of Cinerama. Also, our hero managed to lose both downwards in the crash of '62 and on the way up, a spectacular feat in steady financial decline. Thrilled with the early prognostications of a Bearish broker, our investor located him after some difficulty, transferred, and, lo, the time was ripe for Bulls. Plausible enough to shiver some minor timbers in the board-watchers, but not to be taken too seriously--this is obviously a skillful arrangement of all possible disastrous combinations. We doubt it all happened, but this is a delightful chilly for the market men. For a business and investor audience, it might be a sleeper to watch.

Pub Date: Oct. 20th, 1966
Publisher: Simon & Schuster