PHOTOGRAPHS OF THE SOUTHWEST by Ansel & Lawrence Clark Powell Adams


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An arresting collection of photographs (most previously unpublished) taken between 1928 and 1968. Accompanied by a personal/historical essay by Southwest scholar Powell and a brief statement from Adams, they focus on the native forms and implanted features of the landscape: scruffy vegetation, rock striations, weathered faces, and bare, swept churches. In the precise interaction of light and shadow, one finds the natural balance of indigenous shapes and striking evidence of cultural collisions. One sees--and remembers--a pueblo at sunrise, zebra-like shadows on sand dunes, extraordinary sculptures inside a cavern, the nubby texture of mullein leaves, the polished exterior of a Mormon church, a surreal moonrise, and many more. A solid choice for aficionados and a territorial imperative.

Pub Date: Oct. 15th, 1976
ISBN: 0821206990
Publisher: N. Y. Graphic Society/Little, Brown