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ISLAND IN WAITING by Anthea Fraser



Pub Date: Aug. 31st, 1979
Publisher: St. Martin's

A talky English ESP-wee in which Chloe, recently back from France and cooking school, visits her brother and his new wife on the Isle of Man, and finds she's having difficulty calling her mind her own. Something's calling Chloe, sending her messages, and she's also receiving visions of the future and very real re-plays of the near and far past of the island. It all stems from an early experience with hypnotism when she was put under but not brought back completely; and now Chloe is an open channel, receiving both from the hypnotist, a historically-minded native of the Isle of Man, and from his unscrupulous, oddly magnetic nephew Ray, a teacher at Chloe's brother's school. Ray not only wants Chloe, but he wants to be taken along, mind-wise, to the ancient ceremonies she's witnessed--like May Day and the Flitterdaunsey when everyone looks for ""flitters"" (limpets). Chloe blabs away to family and nice Neil, her future beau, but all hands seem fairly helpless, even old Granny Clegg--who can only prophesy disaster. And then Ray is killed in the mists, so there's a last-minute rescue from Ray's murderer before Chloe realizes that the Voices have finally stopped broadcasting. A wee turkey that creeps on little lead feet.