STORY PARADE -- The Silver Book by Anthology

STORY PARADE -- The Silver Book

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For those of us who were brought up on the Lang fairy books -- Blue, Red, Pink, Green, Brown, Silver, Gold -- this new annual with successive years identified by similar use of color, strikes a nostalgic note. But these are not fairy tales. They are modern stories for children today. Good read aloud, family books, for the stories cover a range of ages (the ten year old will like them and the grown-up wont be bored). This is the fifth volume of selections from the magazine, Story Parade. Poems, plays, special features, animal stories, true stories, stories of famous people, imaginative stories, might be true stories -- and stories in various moods. There are new writers among the contributors, and there are old standbyes like Elizabeth Coatsworth, May Justus, Nora Burglon, Hildegarde Hawthorne, Lavinia Davis, Alice Dalgliesh, Cornelia Meigs, etc. A good standard volume, which should be a year round stock item. Introduction by Eloise Ramsey gives it a recommendation for school and public libraries.

Publisher: Winston