OFF TO A GREAT START!: How to Relax and Enjoy Your Baby by

OFF TO A GREAT START!: How to Relax and Enjoy Your Baby

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A philosophy on child-rearing backed by an informed discussion of the basics of child-care. The subtitle tells it all. Los Angeles pediatrician Stern is known to her patients and their parents as Dr. Magic, because of the ease with which she cares for youngsters. With the help of Mackay, she puts forth her philosophy of childrearing: parents know best how to take care of their own children; there is no one right way to raise them. Armed with the basic knowledge Stem provides here, parents can confidently use their own judgement and knowledge of their own child's particular behavior to create a healthy, safe family environment. One thing Stem stresses here is love. Children must feel loved and secure if they are to grow up into healthy adults. She also advises on child-proofing your home and says again and again that child-proofing measures are only temporary in keeping kids out of danger. Parents much check and recheck--preferably by getting down on their hands and knees and crawling around the house at baby level. Among the other aspects of child-rearing covered here, Stern also advises on how to find a good pediatrician, feeding, disciplining, toilet training, day-care, preparing for a second child, and the pros and cons of breast-feeding. A warm, useful guide on child-care that reassures parents.

Pub Date: March 24th, 1986
Publisher: Norton