NEW WORLD WRITING 19 by Anthony-Ed. Ostroff


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This is an inspiring selection of contemporary prose and poetry with outstanding stories by Flannery O'Connor, who writes of a recent college graduate in the South who is hopelessly dependent upon his widowed mother and takes out his guilt and hostility upon her in terms of her attitude towards Negroes (a response which is emotional as opposed to that of her son, whose attitudes are all hopelessly intellectualized); Sanford Freeman, who writes movingly of a sensitive, 7-year-old younger brother whose parents are notably insensitive; and Pierre Gascar, whose story (translated from French) is set in Spain and written in masterfully symbolic and evocative prose. Others represented here are Diana Reed, George Moorse, Theodore Holmes, Leland Webb, B. Reuben, Brock Brower, Elizabeth Starr Hill, Jack Lindeman, and Marion Montgomery. Perhaps the most unusual and interesting contribution here is a reprinted symposium ""The Poet and His Critic"" which includes a recent poem by Theodore Roethke with critical essays about the poem by John Crowe Ransom, Babette Deutsch, and Stanley Kunitz, rounded out by the poet's own remarks on both the criticism and his poem. A ""must"" for followers of contemporary American writing.

Pub Date: Oct. 24th, 1961
Publisher: Lippincott