DEAF, DUMB AND BLONDE by Anthony Morton


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She was very beautiful -- and she was utterly dependent on a misshapen, hideous old man, her uncle, for she could neither hear nor speak. They came together to Mannering (once known as the Baron, a gentleman jewel thief who was never caught -- but now a respectable dealer in treasures of the past.) They came to put in his hands for a quick sale a fabulous curiosity, that should bring enough to secure Miranda's fortune from plotters and thieves. Chain reaction followed- a disappearance- two violent deaths-Mannering's life threatened- and the exquisite nest with its jeweled eggs the object that lured. Mannering's new role eventually solved the mystery- identified the murderer- saved Miranda's sanity and tied up all the loose threads. Exciting reading- as told by a skilled story teller.

Publisher: Doubleday