I SAW FOR MYSELF by Anthony Nutting


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This brief, provocative book is the fruit of England's former Minister of State for Foreign Affair's tour through Morocco and Tunisia, Algeria, Libya, Cyprus, Iraq, Iran, the Persian Gulf States, Saudi Arabia, Jordan, Israel and Egypt. Mr. Nutting, who resigned his government post in protest over the Suez Canal affair, had access to the heads of states in each country and as a private person could speak with frankness. A friend of the Moslem world, though no sympathizer of Nasser or the Arab leftists, the author's contentions are bound to cause controversy. But whether one agrees with Mr. Nutting's optimistic beliefs that a Moslem League and tact on the part of the Western powers will go far in solving the problems of this turbulent region, his book is an interesting and easily read analysis of a timely and important subject.

Pub Date: April 17th, 1958
Publisher: Doubleday