THE PRINCE OF OMEYA by Anthony on Eisen


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Hear, O young reader, this tale of Abderahman, 19, sole survivor of the humaid dynasty of Syria! Of his flight on the beauteous white mare Saffana across the Moslem world of the seventh century! Hear of Alohra, his beloved shepherdess, of the burning Arabian desert, and attend to Abderahman's cry: 'God's curse upon the heads of such unholy assassins! May the wind of the desert, the hot sirocco, swallow them! May their bones whiten on the trackless sands!'"" Perhaps only an adolescent can weather this sandstorm of banality. When the wicked Caliph overthrows Abderahman's family in Omeya, the lad flees south. Soon, he meets Alohra and wins her hand by winning a horse race, but he's forced to leave her behind when flight is renewed. He meets up with his mother's original tribe. Some exiled tribes persuade him to lead them into Spain. They sail to Spain, he conquers by persuasion and battle, becomes Caliph of Spain. In fact he winds up with all the castles in Spain, his wife, his son, his horse and a contract with Universal Pictures.

Pub Date: Aug. 24th, 1964
Publisher: World