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Hats off at the very beginning to one of the best cloak-and-dagger stories yet to come out of World War II. This story---and it is told with the deftness and craft of a really fine writer---deals with the now famed Nazi counterfeiting ring which forged millions of dollars worth of British pound notes from 1940 to 1945. Not only is the fantastic tale filled with almost unbelievable intrigues, murders, and escapes, but it serves splendidly to illustrate the perfidy, mistrust and dishonor which was the real, rotten core of Nazism. The story starts in 1940, when SS leader ""Hangman"" Heydrich and other security men decided to counterfeit British money. The money, they opined, would not only help disrupt England's economic system, but would bring a healthy source of real money income from the people buying the bogus notes. here on, the tale becomes one of nightmarish intrigue, Nazi jealousy, downright political murder. With Heydrich's assassination the work fell to other demanded men who even better. The money found fantastic uses. In the Balkans it weapons parachuted in by the British to fight the Germans. In Italy it involved Count. and a fraudulent lnventor who convinced the Nazis he had perfected a ray. Directed now by Sales Director Schwend, it was even used to pay the famed spy """" in his thefts of British information from Ankara. How the money was finally dumped in an Austrian lake and how people are still dying in their search for it adds a ma end to one of the greatest swindles of all time. A book which deserves and undoubtedly will get excellent reviews and wide readership.

Publisher: Morrow