THE KILLER BEES by Anthony Potter


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The killer bees, for those who missed Potter's NBC news Weekend program in 1975, are a highly aggressive strain, twice as toxic as the European ones we know, first imported from Africa by a Brazilian researcher in 1956. A hazily explained ""accident"" allowed 26 queens to escape;' their fierce dominant genes have taken over throughout Brazil, and by now several towns have regular Bee Squads attached to their police departments. Possibly 300 people have been killed by multiple stings, and Potter relates one horror story after another detailing the experiences of victims. As shown on TV, he himself was attacked on the filming expedition; perhaps that accounts for his breathless insistence that we prepare for invasion. So far the Africans have been unable to survive cold winters--""but remember their adaptability""; and though even in cooler Southern Brazil the hybrids are gentler than those Potter encountered, to him ""the only question is when they will arrive"" in the US--the 1990s or, by island-hopping, sooner? From the quick-cut, high-tension opening--the killers descend on New York and Miami!!--this is tailored for viewer consumption. With stills to shake up' late arrivals.

Pub Date: Oct. 19th, 1977
Publisher: Grosset & Dunlap