WHAT IS GOLF? by Anthony Ravielli


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Though the game we play derives from Scotland, where it developed about 500 years ago, the Romans played something very like golf in 100 B.C. and similar stick-and-ball games appeared in Europe wherever the Roman Legions spread. Ravielli mentions some of the versions, outlines the game's early history in Scotland where three successive monarchs tried to banish it, traces its growth here early in this century, and then gets down to the business of explaining how to play. Grip, address, back and downswings, pitch and chip, and putting are all analyzed and illustrated for would-be players who, presumably, haven't access to a pro--but for readers, this lacks the pure curiosity value of Ravielli's similar book on bowling (1975).

Pub Date: July 1st, 1976
Publisher: Atheneum