SWORD OF BONE by Anthony Rhodes


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Here's a book with which you have a chance to do some creative selling, for it is not a book that will sell itself. It's a book to savor for its mixture of realism and humor, often rowdy, ribald, basically sympathetic, despite its light touch. It might be called a war book for those weary of too many war books!.....A thoroughly engaging report from an English Stores Officer of the days before the war, the ""phoney"" war, and the French capitulation: it misses nothing of the human element, tragic or comic, that makes a pretty play of superior observation, that highlights the drudgery of his work with the humor of daily episodes. There is the constantly amusing comedy of billeting, the disbelief and inertia before France fell, the admirable reporting of incidents in France, in Belgium, among military and civilians. There are his own opinions as well as and official report, there are taut passages, heightened by understatement, there is a wholly objective attitude throughout, completely devoid of . We liked it; Men will like it particularly.

Pub Date: Sept. 30th, 1943
Publisher: Harcourt, Brace