ONE MAN AND HIS DOG by Anthony Richardson


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The man is Jan Bozdech, a Czechoslovakian, who, shot down behind the lines when flying in the French Air Force in 1940, found the Alsatian puppy, escaped with him and took him with him through the retreat and occupation. Antis was there when Jan and his fellow fliers headed south, made their way to England and became members of the R. A. F. The development of Antis, his training and the problems he created and how Jan handled them, never deserting the dog even when he had to disobey rules, result in Antis' acquiring a legendary status, particularly when he flew, well hidden, on fighting missions. When the war was over and they returned to Prague, it was with Antis' help that Jan made the escape route to evade capture by the Communists to find a life of safety in England. Sure fire material this avoids maudlin sentimentality and is a straight story of a two way loyalty.

Publisher: Dutton