THE EASY WAY by Anthony Robinson


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Roger Colthorpe, a mid-Westerner, thirty, and personable, has spent two years in a prominent New York law firm when he is given the directive- to mingle (the easy way is through the right connections). Mingle he does, and in no time at all is cohabiting with Adels Reinhardt, the sexually dissatisfied wife of a polo player with a 41 million dollar account, and then her daughter-Connie, whose current fiance manages the account for a rival firm. Roger is not altogether unprincipled he refuses to mix pleasure with business once Barry Rinhardt engages him as his solicitor, and also once he calls in love with Connie. But his attempt to disengage himself from Adele ends in violence (she kills her husband; Connie is killed- accidentally?) and leads him to conclude that the high life has some really low moments. Certainly there are scenes here which could turn faces red and noses blue.

Pub Date: Feb. 8th, 1962
Publisher: Simon & Schuster