MORE SACRED COWS by Anthony Standen


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This follow-up to the popular Science Is a Sacred Cow showers a sparkling check-list of ""little heresies in America and elsewhere"". It has intellectual raciness, a keen eye for emotional cant, and thoughtful analyses of the cultural and political grotesqueries now bounding over the landscape. Anthony Standen, one of England's more stimulating savants, advances ""opinion contrary to the accepted doctrine on any subject"" In much the same way an anthropologist of primitive societies would do. And what he comes up with is both delightful and devastating. Probably the best ""find"" concerns his exploration into modern and breeding preferentially for the ""fit stock"" along with eliminating the ""misfit"" through sterilization. Needless to say this is contemplated on the human scale. Then there's a trenchant case for pro rata taxation in regard to all religious schools and a neatly sardonic attack on the folklore of labor and capital, the irrationality of absentee ownership and tolerance as a double negative. The absurdity of wo-feeling as used in foreign policy and Russian ""humanitarianism"" and the more subtle forms of discrimination itself come in for a deft appraisal. Certainly a rewarding experience.

Publisher: Morrow