THE PIONEER MINISTRY The Relation of Church and Ministry by Anthony Tyrrell Hanson

THE PIONEER MINISTRY The Relation of Church and Ministry

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As the Christian Church increasingly moves toward that unity which is in accord with God's will, the problem of a ministry adequate to serve and represent that Church becomes its most urgent and vexing problem. The Rev. Anthony Tyrrell Hanson, of the Church of Ireland (Anglican) addresses himself to this problem, that of establishing the Biblical and Pastoral grounds of one ministry acceptable to all. He carefully examines the doctrine of the ministry in the Christian Church from the earliest time down to today, and concludes that we cannot separate those forms of ministry that were instituted by Jesus from those that were not. The criterion by which the validity of the ministry should be judged is its success in leading the whole church into the churches' apostolic tasks. Since Dr. Hanson has served and taught in South India, where several Christian Churches have come together under a similar concept of the ministry, he can speak and write from experience. He has produced a book which is at once vital, challenging, and disturbing, -- one which serious students of the ministry and the coming great church cannot afford to miss. Not many laymen will find themselves equipped to follow his detailed argument from the Old to the New Testament,--and on through the years of Christian Church History.

Pub Date: Oct. 23rd, 1961
Publisher: Westminster