ANOTHER KIND by Anthony West


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A provocative and occasionally powerful projection of revolutionary terrorism in England, which parallels the timeless conflict between good and evil in the lives of three against the larger drama of force and unreason. For Walter Jackson, escaping from the mediocrity of middle class life and a marriage which had pretty well dried out, falls in love with Anne Horne, a professional pick up, leaves Margery, his wife, and his two children, to live with Anne in the mill which they buy in the country. Margery's liking for Anne, and love for Walter which continues undiminished, ends in their common householding- with the children- at the mill. But Anne's pregnancy puts an end to the private concord, while a general strike- leading to revolution- brings on the holocaust of violence in which the Jacksons are killed, while Anne escapes- serene in the conviction of her love and its perpetuity in the child she will bear....A perspective of unrest, political and personal, of driving tensions and passions which evade morality- and reality, this will command critical attention and attract an intellectual audience similar to George Orwell's.

Pub Date: April 22nd, 1952
Publisher: Houghton, Mifflin