VIBRATIONS by Anton Delgado


How God Talks to Us
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One woman’s personal encounters with the Holy Spirit.

When Delgado first felt a presence physically and gently moving her head back and forth during prayer, she was thrilled but also mystified. Only after much waiting did she explore this phenomenon with others, and eventually attempt to communicate with the presence itself. Through careful discernment she realized that the Holy Spirit was communicating with her, and she began a long-term relationship with the Spirit through its chosen mode of communication. Delgado explains that the Holy Spirit communicates with people through “vibrations.” She admits that “interpreting the vibrations can be extremely complicated,” but also makes clear that “when we are able to understand the vibrations of the Holy Spirit, we feel it is absolutely imperative and necessary to accept the will of God.” Delgado mourns the fact that “Some clergy…have the assumption that their parishes are not prepared to hear that God actually talks to people.” Consequently, “keeping us ignorant of this supernatural fact truly leaves us unprepared for such an unnerving powerful experience.” Through this book, Delgado shares her own personal experience in part to let other Christians know that the Holy Spirit does communicate with people, and in part to share what the Spirit has said to her in particular. Delgado’s second-person narrative is lucidly written and displays not only sincerity but also the marks of further study. She quotes such diverse writers and thinkers as Martin Luther, Gregory of Nyssa and Georgia Harkness, to name only a few. Delgado shares her lessons from the Spirit on a variety of overarching topics, such as sin, worship, suffering and the church. She often came to the Spirit with a particular question and received—through interpreted vibrations—wise and even astounding answers. Despite her perceived limitations, she found the ability and assistance to craft this book as a vehicle for the lessons she had learned. The result is a readable and touching work.

Intensely personal confession of a spiritual awakening.

Pub Date: June 29th, 2010
ISBN: 978-1425181635
Page count: 202pp
Publisher: Trafford
Program: Kirkus Indie
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