A PRICE FOR PEACE by Antonin Basch


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A member of the Czechoslovakian delegation to various conferences (Atlantic City, Bretton Woods, etc.), prominent in Czech economic affairs, now lecturing at Columbia, Prof. Basch speaks authoritatively on Europe's postwar markets. Though the style is academic, there is valuable information here -- good reference material for readers interested in the major economic problems of postwar continental Europe. He speaks for an expanding, international free trade policy, and proves his point. He surveys the pre-war status of Continental Europe -- as market, as exporter; its dependence on Britain -- on Germany, and the inevitable changes the war has brought; destruction, speeded up industrialization, peak agricultural production. He discusses the IF's, -- if U.S. capital is made available, if Russia enters the world trade, if there is coordinated planning by the United Nations. He holds no brief for regional grouping. For Germany, he recommends careful selection of industries outside tools of war. He defines the role of the U.S.A. -- we must import from Europe, we must lend capital until a new trade equilibrium emerges. Otherwise -- chaos.

Publisher: Columbia Univ. Press