THE VOYAGE OF MAGELLAN: The Journal of Antonio Pigafetta by Antonio Pigafetta

THE VOYAGE OF MAGELLAN: The Journal of Antonio Pigafetta

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Around the world in 1125 days with Antonio Pigafetta, an Italian citizen who just went along for the ride. While Magellan put down mutinies, lost two of his five ships, negotiated with native kings, baptized all willing pagans, and got himself killed in the Philippines, Pigafetta kept a diary, survived a poison arrow wound, and was one of the (almost literally) skeleton crew aboard the only ship to make it back home. Pigafetta's narrative has been published several times from several variant sources. Reproduced and translated here for the first time is the rare 1525 Paris edition, which had the greatest influence on his contemporary Europe. As translator Paula Spurlin Paige indicates, the anonymous French translator didn't know his Italian too well, edited the original considerably, suppressed all the unseemly material, and changed the first person narrative to the third, and it is unfortunately only the first failing that Paige tries to correct. But the narrative retains that great primary-source charm; it ranges from high points reminiscent of Gulliver's Travels to low points resembling a quaint geography-ethnology text.

Pub Date: Nov. 25th, 1969
Publisher: Prentice-Hall