THE FLAW by Antonis Samarakis


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Here is a well executed if obvious little parable set in a dismal future where the country is dominated by the ""Regime"" and its protectors, the National Security Department. Two men, ""The Interrogator"" and ""The Manager,"" are en route to the Capitol with their prisoner known as the man from Cafe Sport. ""Cafe Sport"" is suspected of anti-Regime activities, is about to undergo questioning but seems to receive a reprieve when the car breaks down. To pass the time he and the Interrogator play chess, flirt with girls, frolic on the beach and fool around at an amusement park. They both seem terribly innocent but then it's all part of ""the Flawless Plan"" conceived by National Security ... a plan that is flawless to a not-so-surprising fault. Which will be too flagrantly idealistic for most.

Pub Date: Aug. 18th, 1969
Publisher: Weybright & Talley